And I said, what about (kapnkaty) wrote in savehaldir,
And I said, what about

The First of (Hopefully) Many

Gail looked nervously at the Portal. It was basically a prototype mix of science and magic. A mini-Stargate located insofar in the bedroom of her one room condo. The right equation, components and words and there it was. She was prepared for the trial run, though she was confident of her destination, there was always a chance she’d done something wrong, emphasized the wrong syllable or raised one hand marginally higher then the other when she’d done the ritual. Still what was done was done and if she didn’t go through with it now she’d turn to chicken shit and always wonder. Inhaling deeply, fingers tightening on the straps of her backpack which held clothes, toiletries and snacks, she shoved her glasses a little ways up her nose and, keeping her eyes wide open, stepped into the portal.

Pain, incredible pain, shooting through her gut, she didn’t cry out though, didn’t even move. She was hurting, bleeding, maybe even dying and she could even call for help. Then, just as suddenly, the pain left her and she opened her eyes. Kneeling over her was a man with long brown hair wearing what looked like ancient battle armor. His eyes held a look of extreme worry, though relief flooded over him when her eyes cracked uncertainly open.
“Captain! You are unhurt?” he cried, pulling her to her feet and watching her gather her barings. “Captain?” she looked at him sharply, then around the battlefield, then at herself. Wait, battlefield? Then another bout of searing pain shot through her, this time through her mind. Clutching her head she reared back, gritting her teeth as the migraine on steriods crushed her brain. Images, feelings memories flooded her brain and when the pain subsided the man, his name was Elrond, was supporting her. For a moment she knew everything about herself and herself. Her name was Gail in one dimension, Earwyn Helyanwe in this one. She led the Army of Elves before her into war, as she had done so many times before. Once the world stopped turning, all she knew was that which she was in this world. She assured Elrond that she was fine and told him to lead the Archers, then headed up to the front line to lead the footelves.

(Ok guys, just a starter, I’m kinda thinking that she’ll meet our star Elf in this war and ya know, whatever)
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Have you heard of LJ cuts? Or at least provide some information before you launch into the story, like "Title, Notes". 'cause for a moment I had no idea what this was until I got to the end. Nice story, but looks like a Mary-Sue fic; some typos you might want to ammend, and some sentences are kind of cluttered..

Whoa ease up tiger ^_^ it's all in fun
Ah, I'm not annoyed... >_>;