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savehaldir's Journal

The Haldir Protection Society
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We are Haldir lovers.

HALDIR LIVES, whatever stupid Jackson says.

cassieclaire is indirectly responsible for our existence, mostly because she hates Haldir. I say: Down with her. We don't need no stinkin' Haldir haters.

Feel free to post about Haldir fanfic, Haldir pictures, fanart, etc. Try and stay on topic, though. Asking for LiveJournal codes (so that a non-LJ using Haldir fan can join the community only, please) is okay, but posts with not-Haldir-related memes in them will be deleted.

Thank you to halona and maritas, who donated money towards our paid LJ account! Also thanks to Anya Al'Nighter, who drew the lovely Haldir fanart in our layout. :)