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Hi All

So, uh, yeah, just joined. ..... I love Haldir!... i know that seems like a really lame opening line, but there ya go.
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We all love Haldir! ;)
*points* Aw, and someone is using my icon. I feel so special now! ;)
Thanks for the welcome! i really like the icon!
You're welcome. ^^
I'm glad you like it. ^^ Thanks for using it. Can I ask one small favour for you to credit me in the keywords? It'd be very much appreciated. :)
It is done. i've credited the icon to ya! also, i had no idea until a few minutes ago, but you're website is one of my favorites!
Thank you very much for doing that. Hehe, no problem. ^^

And aww!! Thank you so much! I'm so glad people are going to it!!! :)
Welcome! It's so nice to know that we're not the only pervy Haldir fanciers. ^.~
heh, pervy thoughts about haldir are my favorite thoughts about haldir. except for the ones about him not really going to helms deep in the books and thus living in the grey havens forever with a harem of fangirls! ^_^