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LotR obsessed as usual

Okay so another girl did a Raised By Elves icon, so i went a little further with it. Hope ya like'em.


for the Lorien Elves, for the Wood Elves.

Theres more on the way

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Oh so pretty...I'm saving the Lorien elves one and will credit when used!
At least someone appreciated them...


September 21 2004, 16:22:21 UTC 12 years ago

I'm not getting it. Or what it has to do with this community. Or why they're such crap icons, really.
Anyone who can't even own up to their criticism shouldn't be taken seriously. Now if the person can come forward not using the anonymous option, and point out exactly why they think those aren't good icons without being an outright asshole about it, maybe then you should take it seriously. I don't understand why silly wankers have to hide behind anonymity, if it's not because they can't take what they dish out. The community owner should turn it off.

I think it's wonderful that you're creative. Don't let anyone get you down about it.
I agree, only a childish coward writes something so snarky and won't own up to it. I like the icons. If they can't tell what that has to do with Haldir, they can go find another lj to suit their lower IQ. You go, girl.
Thanks you guys *hugs* I mean she's right, it's not HALDIR stuff but it LotR so I thought it would be okay. Thanks so much before supportive. *hugs to all*
I guess it's time for you to fuck off, then, isn't it?
::dies laughing:: Oh, perfect! Taking the Lorien one, and will credit.